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оценка сайта http://stuffgate.com

тут считают стоимость на основании Алекс ранк
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Free Online Website Analyzer

You are a webmaster or you've just found a cool site on the Internet and you want to know:

  1. how much the site is worth
  2. Who owns the site
  3. Alexa traffic rank
  4. DNS records
  5. site traffic analysis
  6. site title, description, thumbnail and more
  7. other sites hosted on the same server
  8. other sites ranked just above and bellow
  9. other domains with the same name in top one million sites (ex. google.com, google.de ...)

You can find out your answers with StuffGate Website Analyzer - a powerful and unique web analytic tool on the web. Just type the domain name you want to analyze into the top box and hit Enter.

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