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When you enter the car you should check the temperature gauge and make sure it's in the normal range. You could also check the temperature yourself by using a metal case thermometer placed into the filler of the radiator when the engine is cold.

Keep your car tuned up and running properly. A vehicle that is misfiring and not in optimal running condition will burn way more fuel. You also want to keep your tires inflated at the proper pressure, if not this will hurt your fuel economy. Some vehicles today, like my Nissan Titan for example, have inflation sensors that warn you when the air pressure is getting low. Be sure not to over inflate though, this will hurt your gas mileage as well.

You will wont to turn one thermofan on at a time, just above operating temperature, and the second thermofan should come on around 4 to 5 degrees after that. This saves electrical load on the battery and charging system. You are not turning on 2 thermofans at once. And this also lets you turn on the second thermofan when the ac compressor is turned on.

The coils are made from aluminum fins and copper tubing. The reason for the aluminum is because it transfers energy very well. When we talk about energy, we are referring to heat or cold. In general, aluminum has the ability to gain or lose 1,200 BTU/HR. To put this in perspective, a 1" solid piece of wood only gains or loses 1 BTU/HR. The copper tubing winds through the aluminum fins starting at the bottom on one side and ending at the top on the other side. The copper tubes are filled with liquid Freon. As the Freon passes through the coil, the warm air passing through the aluminum fins warms up the Freon, turning it into a warm gas by the time it passes all the way through the coils.

You will have to buy the motor, the alternator, and all battery charging apparatus over the internet or from a local electrical supply house. This will be spelled out clearly in the plans you buy.

On the other hand, oil based heaters are similar to that of a car radiator. It uses heating oil to spark up the heating element. Oil based heaters are also very efficient since the heating mechanism doesn't have to be on all the time. The oil based heater can go on for several hours on a short heat charge. Oil based heaters are very easy to clean and maintain and since there are no working parts, it is very quiet.

If temperature and fluid level are good and you still have heater problems then it might come from poor circulation through the heater core. Test that by keeping your engine running at good temperature and try to feel the heater hoses. Both hoses should have the same temperature. If their temperature is different you should try flushing them or replacing them.

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